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2018 Bermuda Race (read Jim Frayer’s blogs)

The 2018 Bermuda Race starts today (June 15th.)  Founding RYC member and Past Commodore Jim Frayer has been blogging about the race preparations and will continue to post updates. You can read Jim’s blogs here:  

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2018 Commissioning

We’re open!

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“Snowflake” the swan has been rescued

The injured swan that sought food and safety at the club toward the end of this season is now in the hands animal authorities who will determine its condition and what should be done. Thanks to several club members Snowflake

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30th Annual Decommissioning

RYC closed the 2017 season and the first 30 years as a club with the Decommissioning celebration on Sunday, October 1st.  It was attended by club members, their children and a swan the kids named, “Snowflake.”

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Oktoberfest 2017

This year’s Oktoberfest was attended by around 50 members and a great time was had by all! Thanks to hosts Florian, Eric, Barbara, Erik & Nancy Jo (Slideshow)

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The South Patio is a Huge Success!

Here’s the construction process –   Check back for more photos as finishing touches are added.

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Amistad Replica to anchor off Sheffield Island on Wednesday, 7/26

“The Amistad was a schooner made famous by its slave revolt made by Mende captives in 1839. The African captives seized control of the ship, killing some of the crew and ordering the survivors to sail the ship to Africa.

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Rainbow over RYC

Photos captured by Trevor Bechervaise

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Salty Dogs 2017

The week of June 19th through 23rd was filled with fun and learning!

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New Duck Family

Last year we watched a family of Mallard Ducks grow up at RYC. This year there’s a brand new one.  

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